There has to be hope!

I have recently been halted smack dab in the middle of a crisis of faith. There is so much hate, dread, anxiety, falsehood, fear and tragedy in the news these days, that I find myself occasionally coming close to losing all hope for humanity. This is not a normal feeling for me and I admit I do not like it.

Are there truly no like-minded people in the world? Do others not see the beauty, joy, love and peace that can so easily be witnessed in the world.  When did we start to see and react only to the dark side? We are on a road which can only lead to darkness, despair, and ultimately the extinction of the human race. Let us take a moment to look around and see that we have options. As humans we have the ability to think and feel as well as to change our focus.  Let us use these abilities to visualize a brighter path to follow before we have no choice at all.

There must be HOPE!  Without it, we can have, and attain nothing.


2 thoughts on “There has to be hope!

  1. I know what the problem is — it’s because I didn’t offer to share my restaurant money ( with you, isn’t it? Okay then, if I promise to let you have a percentage of my future take, will you start smiling again? What if I offer to be your personal GPS whenever you drive — would that do it? Come on, I don’t like it when you’re down. It makes me feel bad too, and then I need a hug…

    Hey, that’s it! I offer you one free hug, whenever you need it — okay? If not for you, would you take it for me? I’m feeling a little hug-deficient now…


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